Forget daggy old laces. Sheer curtains have made a comeback recently.

Sheer curtains come in a massive range of textures, stripes and colours to suit many contemporary homes. They are perfect for those rooms where some privacy is needed during the day, but you’re looking for something a bit softer than a screen roller blind. Check out this Houzz article on the many reasons to embrace sheer curtains.

Drapes and sheer curtains can be made up in a variety of different headings. The classic pinch pleat is still very popular. If you’re looking for a more contemporary edge, headings such as inverted pleats, eyelets and soft pleats (ripple fold) are fantastic options.

To complement your curtains, choose from a large range of different tracks & decorative rods to suit any room in your home.

If you’d like to add a wow factor to your home, drapes, pelmets & other soft furnishings are such a great way to do that.

4 Often forgotten things to consider when you’re buying curtains

You’ve seen those curtains on The Block or House Rules: They look gorgeous. You want them. But apart from suiting your decor, there are a few other important aspects to consider when choosing the right curtains.

1. Light & Privacy

Curtains can be made from different types of materials, from sheer, to thick and heavy to give you as much or as little privacy as you need. At the same time, consider how much natural light you would like. Do you need full blockout or something more opaque?

Curtains can be made with blockout lining, or side curtains with roller blinds could also help you create a dark room for a child’s bedroom or a cinema room. Do you have a shift worker in the house? Fully lined drapes and a padded pelmet are an excellent option for the shift worker who needs a completely dark bedroom during the day.  

2. Insulation

How hot or cold does is get in your home? Which room heats up the most in summer? Where do the drafts come in from?

Fully lined drapes and a padded pelmet is the most effective way to insulate your windows, keeping you warm on cold days, and comfortable on sunny days. This can help you save thousands every year on heating and cooling costs. You’ll also be doing your bit for the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

3. Curtain care

We wipe and clean our bathroom sink, kitchen counters, and other surfaces in our home. Yet it’s easy to forget about your curtains after you’ve hung them. Dust is naturally attracted to curtains so it’s important to clean them regularly. At least every 3 months - or more if you live in a dusty area, such as a growth suburb, or near a high traffic road.

The best way to look after your curtains is to vacuum them gently using the soft brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner.  If they are in need of a more thorough clean, there are a couple of specialist dry cleaners in Melbourne who will be able to help.

4. Costs

Curtain costs may include some or all of the following:

  • Fabric

  • Rods and tracks

  • Pelmets

  • Tie backs

  • Washing

  • Custom manufacture

There are so many costs involved in creating the perfect home. With so many curtain options, you’ll find it easier and (less stressful) to set a budget and stick to it.  

Will curtains look good in my home? In this room?

It’s possible to take the guesswork out of curtains so you can be confident your room will look stunning. We want you to see, feel, and think about what your room will look like.

To help you imagine how your home may look, please take a look at the photos on this page, or the Latest Work on our Gallery or Instagram page, to see how some of our clients have used curtains for many types of interior design styles.

Also check out curtains on Pinterest. Finally, do a Google search of the keyword ‘curtains’ and browse through images that come up.

We’ll present you with a carefully selected range of fabric colours, textures, and patterns so you can see and feel the material. We’ll chat about the nitty gritty details that will affect the look of your curtains and how they will best complement your room.

What next?

  1. Contact us

  2. Book your consultation

  3. Select curtains and blinds

  4. Arrange installation time

Existing home owners: book us in for your in-home consultation.
New home builders: bring in your plans.

Each consultation includes:

  • Discussion about your needs and style preferences

  • Visual examples to show you how your rooms could look

  • Browse through fabric swatches

  • Ideas that work with your budget

  • Chat about all the small details so everything works well and looks great

How can we help you?

At Blind Ambition, you’ll find a wide spectrum of curtain choices to suit any room in your home.

We can help you with fabric colours, textures, and patterns that will fit into your chosen interior style - from the clean, sleek, simple colours of a Modern style, to the rich colours, and ornateness of a Traditional look. Any style you’re after, rest assured Kate, our reputable consultant and owner of Blind Ambition, will complete your look.

What’s more, if you need a hand to harmonise your rooms, Kate can help you find matching decorative items such as scatter cushions, table runners and bench seat cushions.

What to expect from us

Expect us to take the time to listen and understand what you want and need from every room in your home. We’ll ask lots of questions and chat about the nitty gritty details you may not have even thought about.

You can be sure we’ll cover everything you need to know to buy the right curtains.

Tim our fully qualified fitter installs all blinds according to Australian safety regulations. So you can rest assured your blinds are fitted with life-saving devices to avoid children or pets becoming entangled.

You can expect:

  • A caring personalised consultation service

  • Window dressing tips and tricks

  • Whole home approach

  • Competitive pricing

  • Reliable post service support


  • Got a quote? Tell us and we’ll do our best to beat it (for the same product).

  • We can create the best value for you when you furnish your whole home with us.

I love the fabric and quality! Your service was lovely and I hope your business gets all the support you deserve! I loved checking out all the fabrics in store! - Rachael Dover

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